The Halferne Gambit

"The Halferne Gambit" was one of the first things I ever wrote, starting way back in the Summer of 2001. It probably has the distinction of being the longest thing I've ever written, and still I haven't finished it. To be fair, I have a solid beginning, and killer ending, but until recently I didn't know what happened in the "middle bit" to get from A to C. In the meantime, I wrote drafts for two prequel novels in an attempt to sort of explore a couple characters and see if I could glean any ideas as to what they could do for me in this book. At present, I finally have a complete outline with only a couple of places left where it still says "something cool happens here," and I still manage to plunk down a few paragraphs here and there, so I remain confident this one will get finished someday ... and it will be awesome.

The island megalopolis of Auria is located on the furthest edge of settled space. Crime, hunger, and poverty have been eliminated -- for those who believe the propaganda anyway. Transport mechanic and part-time tech pirate, Rik Baddon isn't one of those, but after one misplaced good deed, he gets a look beneath the hood of society and the machinery that makes it work.

On the colony world of Malyon, garrison commander and "war hero" Bryn Hidek's investigation of a terrorst threat to the settlers he is sworn to protect reveals an intricate plot by enemies of Auria, and his attempts to figure out who he can still trust may have already put him on the wrong side of the fight.

Meanwhile, Earth journalist Serah Wyles is sent to Auria to record a sensory vacation and becomes caught in a game of corporate espionage and political intrugue that could bring down an entire world.

All three are unknowing pawns in a complex game of destinies controlled by a mysterious man known only as "Professor Halferne" -- a strategy that has been playing out for nearly three decades and is finally approaching a crucial breaking point.

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