The Pessimal Incursion

2108 was one of those years where I went into NaNoWriMo with the best of intentions, I just sorta forgot about those intentions until it was halfway over in the middle of November. Being somewhat organized, I foolishly jumped in late and tried to catch up. Sadly, despite a good run, I was trying to "pantster it," and I'm no "pantster." I had a strong Act 1, and a worthwhile finish, but there was no middle act to connect them, and the damn characters wouldn't write it for me.

The book itself is based on a dream I had, with a few extra bits thrown in to make it even weirder. In my mind, I picture the story as hodge podge of different 1930's pulp magazines, as interpreted by the Marx Brothers, and directed by George A. Romero. The original title, "No Reservations Necessary, No Vacancy Needed" was scrapped for "The Pessimal Incursion" when I hit upon the idea of offhandedly referencing the events of this story in my unrelated 2019 NaNo novel -- accidentally making it something of an "orthequel" to this story. In any event, the current plan is to revisit this one, possibly for NaNo 2021, with additional stories in this "mash-up genre" motif to follow.

The Hotel Beauchamp is the height of the post-prohibition social scene. Jet setters from all over come to the annual debutante ball. This year, Sally Montanna is the talk of the town. She's pursued by the wealthy and powerful Simon Hamilton-Smythe, coveted by the unremarkable and equally-unimportant Gabe O'Grady, and mistakenly hunted by the mysterious Japanese hitman Luk See -- who just happens to be visiting the hotel that weekend as part of a convention of Yakuza accountants.

Just when things couldn't get any weirder, the hotel bartender has been recently outed by the press for moonlighting as a masked superhero, the mysterious scientist Heinrich Chase arrives claiming an alien space ship is due to land on the roof that night, and members of the house band keep disappearing, only to re-emerge later as brain-craving zombies of some kind.

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