Infinite Nun's Frothy Deed

I've been insisting for four years now that I have a solo album in me. In fact, it has been my New Year's resolution for three years in a row now, but I keep getting sidetracked when someone says something like, "Why don't you start an on-line radio station?" or "Why don't you join my band?" that kind of thing. Maybe this is finally the year, who knows?

"Infinite Nun's Frothy Deed" is envisioned as an Alan Parson's-type project whereby I, a mediocre player at best, will begin by composing 70-80% of a song and recording it as a series of scratch tracks. Each song will then be handed over to a one-off group of players assembled by me, generally on the basis of "people who may never have met, but ought to know each other and be best friends." This group will be tasked with finished and recording the song for the INFD album, which is jokingly titled "The Lamb Lies Down in Broad Ripple" during these working stages, owing to the fact that I intend it to be a released as a pompous, self-serving rock opera/ concept album.

The entire creative process will be captured as a series of podcasts and short videos in the "Pen to Pod" format established on Indy In-Tune radio by Ryan M. Brewer, so you may continue to watch this space for updates on those if you are one of those people who enjoys being involved in a project from the beginning the way I do.

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