Lord Darrin Snider, MCAF

Minor Internet Radio Celebrity ... Vindaloo Advisor ... Man of Status ... Serial Online Dater

Award-winning radio and podcast host, fledgling novelist and fiction writer, subculture Yoda to a bunch of people that probably shouldn't consider me a role model, occasional keyboard player/composer, music trivia title holder, emerging YouTube star, mannequin wrangler, and resident expert on the Indianapolis music scene.

25-Year veteran technologist, cloud operations specialist, business analyst, new media evanglist, ghost blogger, SEO/web analytics consultant, failed entrepreneur, recovering software engineer, and inventor of the "Jazz Life, Culinary, and Software Development Methodology."

Four-time nominee for best radio personality in Indianapolis. Twice nominated Indy's most-eligible bachelor over thirty-five. Winner of the 2016 NUVO Cultural Vision Awards: Music Trailblazer. Two-Time NaNoWriMo Winner. Gilt-Edged Geeks' "Best Person to Be Trapped in an Elevator With."

Hobbies include podcasting, hunting for and studying obscure radio stations all over the world, baseball, strategy gaming, the occasional RPG, voraciously reading everything in sight, quantum physics, day trading, comic books, sci-fi, wuxia/chop-socky, the technological singularity, cybernetic culture, transhumanism, and dead programming languages.

  Indianapolis, IN   |     Indy In-Tune
  Local Music, Podcasting, Internet Radio, SEO/Social Media/CRM, Custom Software Development

But, maybe you're looking for ...

That Radio Guy from
That Show on That Station

For fifteen years now, the voice and vision behind Indy In-Tune Radio, as well as the Indy In-Tune Podcast, Local is Our Genre, and The M.O.R. Subcast, and a few others you don't know about because I have many noms de plume.

That Keyboard Player from
That One Band That Did That Song

Actually mostly just a hired gun, but always working on a couple of side projects. Not much to report on those yet, but you can scan through a few samplings of my history as well as the occasional snippet of the new stuff currently in production here.

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I know what you're thinking: How can this guy still be single? Please visit my GoFundMe page, or buy a souvenir t-shirt at the gift shop on your way out ... proceeds go towards purchase of my Russian mail-order bride.

Latest News ...

You know, stuff you need to know, because you don't keep in touch with me as often as you should ...

NaNo2020 Update
Scored my second NaNoWriMo win. Assuming the editing process repeats last year's experience, where everything I wrote about and made fun of got wiped out in the post-Covid world, I'll try to edit this one before the singularity. Keep tabs on my progress here.

Yes, I'm Going Away
I'm slowly purging social media and consolidating all of my creative output here. As of New Years 2020, most sites have already been closed and of the remainder, I only plan to stay current with Twitter and WordPress. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

It's Now Official
All hail the glorious house of Pierpont-Archer. The paperwork has officially arrived, and I am now a proper Lord. I won't insist everyone use my title every time they address me, but I will be evoking prima noctra and do excpect a little bow or curtsey if you're making me pick up the tab.

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But that's not all ...

Like an onion, there are always additional, kinda slimy and stinky layers underneath what you see ... for example, did you know I'm also ...

Software Engineer and Technical Analyst
Specializing in mostly-dead programming languages, extremely large documents detailing and interpreting multivariate data sets, and making stuff run smootly in the cloud ... kinda like a nerdy Lando Calrissian.

Fledgling Writer and Novelist
Aside from the aforementioned technical stuff, a first-time novel writer, currently working on a couple of new projects. Mostly I just blog about stuff I'm an expert in ... namely, comic books, music, geek gadgets, and serial on-line dating.

Commissioner of Tackle Baseball
Seriously, it's a game. It has rules. I invented them. Accept no immitations. It's not legitimate, sanctioned Tackle Baseball unless it has my signature. Someday it will probably take the sports world by storm.

Really, this is just a landing portal whose only purpose is electronic narcissism and to quickly update people who know me to the fact that I really haven't accomplished much new lately. Not very exciting, is it? If you're looking for fresh content, you'll probably need to go to one of the sites I actually do occasionally interact with.

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