Various Musical Projects

As more of an evangelist (some say empresario) of local music, I consider myself a "player" at best and not a musician. Over the years, however, I seem to have cropped up on a few people's projects for some strange reason and even joined a couple of bands against my better judgment. Here I've tried to collect the majority of them in one place for your convenience. It's reasonably complete, except possibly for my barber shop quartet and Sapphyre years.

The Mess


Important Stuff You Probably Need to Know a Bit About Perhaps ...

You know, stuff you need to know, because you don't keep in touch with me as often as you should ...

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My somewhat impersonal blog featuring the latest in brain regurgitations. Basically it's a collection of semi-witty ruminations on comic books, music, gadgets, artificial intelligence, the technological singularity, cyberculture, and serial on-line dating.

I'm quite fond of my day job, but if you're in a position to offer me a radio DJ spot with a mid-six-figure salary someplace with palm trees and beaches, or you've got a sexy side project requiring my extensive knowledge of dead programming languages, I'm free for coffee.