Various Writing Projects

After decades as a technical writer, a few brief stints as a wannabe bohemian poet, and some consistent successes finally churning out complete drafts of ideas thanks to some great experiences with NaNoWriMo, I've recently found the courage to make samples available here.

Yes, I really am shuffling between fifteen manuscripts/outlines in two distinct genres. These are generally first drafts or even "Draft 0's" (in the case of original NaNoWriMo speed-drafts), but I feel strongly enough about their current state to let the general public sample them. Feedback and enthusiasm from friends will determine the fate of each (second draft or waste basket).

Projects currently in some stage of development...


The "Pessimal" series are all comedy novels that inhabit a shared universe, but aside from a few easter-egg references to each other, and the fact that the characters all share the same last name, are in no way related. In fact, stylistically, the genre and even the style of humor differs from book to book. The books may be read in any order ... or even individually skipped if the subject matter doesn't seem to fit your wheelhouse.

The Pessimal Caper

Comedy, Gumshoe, Pulp
(2018 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Pessimal Design

Comedy, Techno Thriller
(2019 NaNoWriMo Winner)

The Pessimal Refrain

Comedy, Rockumentary
(2021 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Pessimal Hero

Comedy, Super Hero
(2022 NaNoWriMo Winner)

The Pessimal Romance
Comedy, Erotica

The Pessimal Sport

Comedy, Horror

Science Fiction

The "Halferne Cycle" is a series of six novels originally intended as backstories for characters in the subsequent series that begins with "The Malyon Gambit." Each novel is a self-contained story that could be read by itself, or not at all, though when read together, in order, there is a lose arc that sets up the next cycle of books, but it isn't required that you read those either. See how easy I like to make things for you? No pressure here, just enjoy some light reading.

The Halferne Perfidy

Sci-fi, Espionage, Wuxia
(2017 NaNoWriMo Attempt)

The Halferne Incubus

Sci-fi, Thriller, Buddy Cop
(2020 NaNoWriMo Winner)

The Halferne Deception
Sci-fi, Heist

The Halferne Expedition

Hard Sci-fi, Adventure
(2023 NaNoWriMo Win)

The Halferne Imprecation

Sci-fi, Military, Medical Drama

The Halferne Bodhi

Sci-fi, Humanist, Existentialist

"The Halferne Masterplan" is my magnum opus that I've been working on for twenty-plus years, aside from those years I put it aside to work on the "Halferne Cycle," which comprise a lose prequel/backstory. I have a weird writing process where I only write the good parts, and continually rethink the rest until it is a good part. So while good chunks of the first few novels are written, there are chapter-long gaps of important stuff I haven't figured out how to make interesting yet.

The Malyon Gambit

Sci-fi, Space Opera

The Auria Descension
Sci-fi, Space Opera

The Notosia Trinity
Sci-fi, Space Opera

The Prevo Vengeance
Sci-fi, Space Opera

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