Jazzoize: A Life, Culinary, and Software Development Methodology

Let's face it, there are way too many daytime "psychological" talk shows run by peope who call themselves "Doctors" even though they're really just con artists and talking head personalities with a catchphrase, some good connections in the TV industry, and a high school GED. These charlatans are dispensing questionable advice to anyone who is both crazy enough to be interesting and gullible enough to let people make fun of them on national television. These so called "care givers" would give up the last vestiges of their honor for publicity and sell out their mothers for a lucrative sponsorship deal.

So I thought to myself: "Well, heck, *I* could do THAT!"

Jazzoize (pronounced: jazWAHZ) has been around in nebulous forms for 25 years now. It began as my loosely-defined process for breaking patterned behaviors in order to tackle and defeat large, complex problems in an improvisational manner with unconventional thinking. Early applications were for developing faster, original, more-efficient models of computer software back during those golden dot-com years. Later I learned it's also a really great philosophy for cooking and leading your life in general ... hence the catchy name. Plus, much like scientology being self-help in the guise of a tax-exempt religion, by calling this a culinary philosophy, none of you can turn around and sue me for extensive mental anguish. If nothing else, this book will be another of those amusing collections of "cool things to do on a rainy day" and/or "practical daily motiviationals" that bookstore bargain shelves (and the Five Below book aisle) are rife with, so I doubt this will be a complete waste of anyone's time.

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