The Halferne Bodhis

The Halferne Bodhis is intended to be the sixth and final part of a cycle of novels in a shared universe. All six novels can be read individually, with no knowledge of the other stories in the series, or in order as one loosely-connected story (that I hope to explore and resolve in a separate cycle of novels).

Each book in the seris is told in a different genre. I would call this one a cerebral "coming of age/spritual" story (I really wanted to strech my legs with something for once), though it does have some of the drama and action that is common in the other five.

Vidas Sheng has been a man travelling without a soul ever since God, or at least what he assumed was God, stopped talking to him. Leaving the ministry behind, he has spent five years travelling from colony world to colony world, doing odd jobs, and trying to learn the truth about the voices in his head.

Now, his search has brought him to Earth, where he begins to find his answers -- answers that both terrify and thrill him; answers that could cost him his sanity ... or even his life.

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