The Pessimal Hero

Squeaking in a 12:30AM on November 30, this marks the first time I finished the entire draft during November instead of getting out just the first 50,000 words and taking the rest of the year to write the last 20,000. If nothing else, doing this six times (and winning three) has taught me the power of organizing and planning, and greatly improved my discipline when it comes to daily writing. Sadly, I'm really not as thrilled with the draft as I was with the other two, to the point I don't think even the first three chapters are ready to share just yet. Keep checking back. The story originates from one of those drunken bar conversations I get into on Wednesday nights that, come to think of it, are also where "The Pessimal Refrain" was germinated, as well as \fsa few key scenes in "The Halferne Incubus" were gifted to me by my drinking buddies.

The gist of this story is, quite simply, mild-mannered Junior High gym teacher, Hal O'Grady, finds out he has only one year to live. Rather than wallowing in self pity, or wasting his money on finishing some meaningless bucket list, he decides he wants to go out making a difference. Cashing in his 401K and calling upon his two best friends -- computer hacker Vicki Montana and former Marine Barry Chase -- he resolves to die saving the life of innocent citizens, disguised as a super hero vigilante. The problem is, it's a lot harder than it looks in all those movies.

As an added bonus, I invite you to enjoy the playlist that set the mood, helped me keep focus, and constantly ran in the background during the course of writing this novel.

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