The Halferne Expedition

The Halferne Expedition, like the rest of the series, can be read as a standalone novel, as part of a cycle of six, loosely-connected novels, or as part of a prequel series to something I may never get around to writing. This one was my NaNo 2023 win. I decided to take a bunch of books that I originally read in one sitting because I couldn't put them down (3001: Final Odyssey, Rendezvous with Rama, Sphere, Fantastic Voyage, etc.) and try to do something in that style. I fear it's too obviously derivative of a couple of them and drastically needs to be rethought. Still, it was a fun win for NaNo.

On a remote dwarf planet, far from the settled systems, a random mineral survey uncovers the first evidence of intelligent life other than mankind. The disk, composed entirely of four different, normally radioactive metals, is completely stable and emits no radiation or energy of any kind. The scientific survey team sent to investigate understands that this means it's far from inert and harmless, and they begin to uncover the artifact's true purpose and its implications for mankind's understanding of our place in the universe.

Now, in the midst of corporate and government cover-ups, as well as betrayals from fellow teammates who have their own hidden motivations and objectives, the survey team must face difficult truths and make philosophical decisions that could affect not only the mission and their own lives but possibly the eventual fate of humanity.

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